Members Concert’

A sizable attendance at the Members’ Concert was good to see, particularly in view of the difficulties attached to getting into the URC at the moment. A group of young people from our twinned town of Marvejols were also present to enjoy the proceedings, which began with composer Philip Wood’s latest piece, a sextet for woodwind and piano, with Angela Turner (flute) Gaby Sanders(oboe) Graham Frudd (clarinet) Kate Parry (bassoon) Andrew Jones (horn) and Bridget Hilton (piano) boldly going where no man had gone before, and after only four short rehearsals too! Angela then followed this with a flute solo, Prelude from Rutter’s Suite Antique. Allan Holmes followed with two Vaughan Williams songs, Silent Noon and Whither Shall I Wander. Then came a piano solo from Sue Allison, Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu in C sharp minor, and the first half finished with a charming and beautifully pitched collection of songs from the Eaglesfield Singers, directed by Fiona Weakley. David Lindley began the second half with piano music by Rameau and was followed by Anne Marie Kerr singing unaccompanied. Gaby Sanders then gave us a Madeleine Dring Romance on the oboe and Sue Johnson played Tchaikowsky’s Im Herbst on the violin. Finally came a Nocturne and Waltz by Cui, a trio with David Lindley (piano) Angela Turner (flute) and Sue Johnson (violin) rounding off a thoroughly enjoyable evening