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The Society is very grateful to those local businesses, arts organisations, including councils and individuals who provide financial support and other services that enable the Society to provide high quality concerts in Cockermouth.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation should send a cheque, made payable to Cockermouth Music Society, to the Concert Secretary, 27 Fitz Road, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 0AD.

Piano Appeal

Partly as a consequence of the floods in Cockermouth in November 2009 the Society’s piano had deteriorated more quickly than expected and needed  to be replaced. Thanks to the generosity of members, local shops and businesses, as well as a number of charitable trusts mainly based in Cumbria, Cockermouth Town Council and Cumbria County Council plus a successful bid for a grant of £40,000 from Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts scheme, the Society was able to purchase a new Steinway Model B Grand Piano. The piano was installed for the opening concert of the 2014/2015 season and has been hugely appreciated by both performers and audiences.  It is regularly used by various local groups and will continue to benefit music in Cockermouth.

Our thanks go to all of the people who responded to this appeal with donations.

General Donations

Key Sponsors

Hammer Sponsors

String Sponsors

Lord Judd
Cockermouth Town Council
Cockermouth & Papcastle Recreational Charity
Ms J Henderson
Mrs B A Proctor
Mr S W Mounsey
Cumberland Educational Foundation
Hadfield Trust
Mr M Baron
Cockermouth Harmonic Concert Collection
Foundation Grant, Cumbria Community Foundation
Nigel Burdett
Mr B J Gooderham
Cumbria C C (Area Support Team)
Mrs I P Apperley (5)
Mrs J C Johnston (4)
D Dyer (2)
D H Sharpe (1)
Waugh & Musgrave (Solicitors) (1)
Times & Star (7)
Mrs A D Flower (1)
Mr & Mrs M Chambers (2)
Mr & Mrs G Belham (10)
Mrs D Hemingway (1)
Bruce Avery Limited (Optometrist) (2)
Leslie Cleeland (1)
Mrs A Lister
Mr F & Mrs E E Benson (1)
Mrs G Powell (2)
Mrs E Atty (20)
Stan Palmer Ltd (1)
Ms A Turner (1)
Miss E M Birkett (2)
A Lederer (12)
D H Sharpe (1)
Mitchells Auction Company Ltd (1)
Mrs M Potts (1)
Mr I Addison (1)
Mr & Mrs S Field (2)
D Bridge (1)
A G Martin (1)
Mrs E Atty (4)
S Johnson (1)
Mr & Mrs C Bower (1)
Ms A Turner (1)
Mr Leighton (1)
Mrs J Geater (1)
D Croucher (2)
Miss J McMurtry (1)
Mrs J C Johnston (2)
D Dyer (1)
J W W Allison & Sons Ltd (Chemist) (1)
Times & Star (1)
Drs J & A Parkes (1+)
Mrs M Potts (1)
Mrs J Geater (1)
Mr I Addison (1)
Mr & Mrs J Scoging (1+)
Mrs P Williams
Mr & Mrs S Field (3)
Mrs A Cuckson (1)
Mr G Tomlinson (1)
D Bridge (1)
Mr & Mrs M White (1)
Mrs G Powell (1)
Mrs E Atty (4)
S Johnson (1)
Mr & Mrs C Bower (1)
Miss E M Birkett (1)
A Lederer (1)
D Croucher (2)

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