Piano Master Class given by Kathryn Stott

This year’s masterclass was conducted by pianist Kathryn Stott, who you will remember did a lovely recital for us some years ago. Kathryn proved to be asuper instructor of the ten young pianists who played for us, kind, non judgemental, humorous and full of good advice and encouragement. It was a fascinating afternoon. We heard a wide range of music , starting with Pam Wedgwood’s Spider in the Bath and ending with Chopin’s Polonaise in C sharp minor. All had been carefully prepared by the players so we were thoroughly entertained throughout. What was particularly fascinating was hearing the instant improvement which followed Kathryn’s suggestions to each player, demonstrating how a good teacher can guide a musician to greater things. The two young sisters, Mahathi(11) and Medhini Varma(9), were jointly awarded the bursary.