Scottish Ensemble

What may be the last orchestral concert Cockermouth Music Society will be able to bring to Cockermouth sparkled with energy from a brilliant group of string players . Playing a seamless string of pieces which followed from one to the next in a remarkable way, the group gave us string playing at its best, full of great sound and energy. Soloists wandered amongst the audience to bring the experience  even closer and the  candles that flickered behind the players added to the atmosphere. Modern technology provided the musicians with music on their stands which was lit to give excellent clarity and the pages turned automatically as players pressed their foot pads. Many were the admiring comments  at the end of the evening and one can only hope that financial help (for many years provided by the charity Orchestras  Live) will be forthcoming in the future to enable such concerts to continue for the benefit of the town of Cockermouth and the people of West Cumbria.